About thepingofpong

New About:

This blog’s name was derived from 2 notions of royalty and pop. Michael Jackson as the King of Pop. And the novelist Stephen King’s column. King called his column The Pop of King. ThePingofpong is an off-kilter derivative based on sound: if you say the phrase long enough it comes to sound like MJ’s title or King’s column. Sorta anyway.

It also helped that at the time the blog was concerned with pop culture. It still is. Somewhat.

Old About:

Here is another of those online creations that allows every narcissist their day in the sun. Surely, we don’t need another? Maybe.

Still. Ever observed how arguments go in parlours and beer-parlours about popular/contemporary art—this artist is better than that one, this movie sucks, that hook was infectious—and wondered why art reviews are essentially ignored in the mass media?

We have.

This blog does not intend to be a nuisance so it is not instructive: you would not be told how to become rich nor shall it offer you hyperlinks leading to instant millions (and maybe an ipad!). We discuss books, music and movies, but it would also contain random stuff catching the attention of the ping