The Small Miracles of Jesse Jagz

by thepingofpong

Sad songs are so rare on the contemporary music scene that in the last half decade one could count on one hand and still have digits left. The peak of musical melancholy is perhaps Timi Dakolo’s “There’s A Cry” off his debut album. That was back in 2011.

In 2013, the twin highlights of Jesse Jagz’s sophomore JagzNation, “Burning Bush” and “Sativa”, are aberrations on the pop single scene.


Besides sharing a titular allusion to cannabis, both songs are unified in reaching into the depth of melancholia for their effect; the latter features a background humming and a chorus delivered by the underrated, underused, Lindsey whose musical chemistry with Jesse Jagz is still intact following their collaboration on Jagz of all Tradez.

While the album may gratify patient listeners who wade through the man’s potpourri of patois and pidgin, it would surely confound deejays who’ll frequently find it difficult locating a song that segues smoothly into or from a song like say, the delightfully frank “Sex and Scotch”. The rhythmic patterns of JagzNation are that unusual.

Jesse’s words are often clear, with a memorable line occurring very early on the album’s intro: “Witness the way that Jarga rhyme, like Jesus turning water into wine.”

Cocky? Yes. Blasphemous? Perhaps. But like most of the album, beautiful and sure.

First published sometime in 2013 by Metropole Magazine.