R&B What?

by thepingofpong


R and then what?

R and then what?

The other artist who inserted his initials into the acronym R&B was R.Kelly who titled his greatest hits collection The R in R&B. It was a different era and the man had a point: he had a series of successful albums in the 1990’s and early 2000’s, with work encroaching into rap and he also produced some successful artists. It was pretentious but yes, the man had a point.

Over here, in a clime that has hardly seen good, talk more of great R&B, inserting your initials into the genre is not just pretentious but fraudulent. But maybe Banky W only meant the title of his third studio album, R&BW, literally- come on guys, it’s just clever alphabet-play. (What is in an album name anyway? Recently, we have Vector’s Second Coming but being far from a savior we know it is literal; in same vein Brymo…

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